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The Last Pass

Bob Cousy, the Hall of Fame Boston Celtics captain who led the team to its first six championships on an unparalleled run, has much to look back on in contentment. But he has one last piece of unfinished business. The last pass he hopes to throw is to close the circle with his great partner on those Celtics teams, fellow Hall of Famer Bill Russell.

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Gary M. Pomerantz is a New York Times best-selling author and journalist, and has served the past sixteen years as a lecturer in the Graduate Program in Journalism at Stanford University. Throughout his career, Pomerantz has devoted his writing, and teaching, to American history, race relations, the media, and sports.

His sixth and latest nonfiction book, The Last Pass (Penguin Press) is a New York Times best-selling narrative about race, regret, and encroaching mortality as an old man comes to terms with his life.

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Gary M Pomerantz is a frequent public speaker and keynote lecturer. For four decades as a nonfiction author and journalist, with his meticulous research and engaging story-telling, Pomerantz has explored American culture and the human condition. Whether the topic is sports, race relations, social history, or the resilience of the human spirit, his thought-provoking speeches entertain and illuminate, and reveal a passion for his work and for the people and times he writes about.

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